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>> Sunday, March 2, 2008

I hate that the Vinyl Cafe is only an hour long. My favourite thing to do on a Sunday is lie in bed and listen to the Vinyl Cafe with Stuart McLean at noon on CBC Radio (I suppose I could have started with the "favourite" thing, instead of the "I hate" thing, but I guess it says something about me). Anyway, the problem is that very often I'm only half awake at noon on a Sunday. This morning, in fact, I drifted back into sleep about 10 minutes into the show and when I came to again it was nearly over. At that point I was fully awake, just in time for Wiretap. I don't even know if that really is a bad show, I just know that I don't like the host's voice so I have to get up and go to the living room.

So my actual point is this: Vinyl Cafe should be two hours long. Not an hour later (though that might seem like a solution, it isn't). I enjoy the process - and believe me, it is a process - of waking up to a show I like, as I do with the Current on weekday mornings. Two hours seems to do it. And since school this year is interfering with my weekday radio listening (9am classes! My god!), I rely on my weekends for this indulgence.

My second point of discussion is one I have already mentioned: voices. Specifically, men's voices. I love the sound of a nice, rich, male voice. It's even better when they're articulate. I don't like ones that are whiny or too high. This is one reason I find Patrick Dempsey unattractive. It took me a while to figure out the exact reason why he annoys me, but I finally decided that (besides his girly hair) it's his voice. It's just not very masculine. Stuart McLean has a nice voice, but I think it's mostly the distinctive accent that I find comforting about it. On the subway and in streetcars (and, I assume, buses, but I don't take those) they now announce all the stops with a pre-recorded female voice. Often female voices are used for things like this - elevators, telephone hold messages, etc. I believe they're meant to be calming and non-intrusive. However, I do think that a nice man's voice can be equally comforting. Plus, the lady's voice on the subway always sounds like she's bored and exasperated with me, would I just get off already?


aliya March 4, 2008 at 1:56 AM  

i wish i had a throatier voice. the few times i've heard mine outside my head it's been pretty lame.

thanks for ruining patrick dempster for me.

b March 17, 2008 at 1:30 AM  

please! He does that for himself. I'm sure he's very nice and everything but I can never find him attractive.

You have a nice voice!

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