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>> Saturday, January 24, 2009

I have, like everyone in the world, been following way too closely the every act of the new administration, especially new appointments. What is striking to me is the sheer number of incredibly talented, energetic, eminently qualified people whose names are being floated around - people no one has really heard of, unless you happen to run in those circles. Where do all these people come from? I read their biographies and try to figure out the path they've taken to get where they are. I wonder if I know people now who will be those people someday. I also wonder why we seem to have so few of these people north of the border. I'm certain that's not really the case (or perhaps just a function of population size), but I feel like our public servants and academics seem dull and old by comparison.

Then again, I attended a talk yesterday given by Mark Jaccard (who is at Simon Fraser University) and found him intelligent and an enthusiastic, engaging speaker. I kind of had fun. It's a silly thing to say, but all this excitement south of the border and going to talks like that sort of remind me of why I want to do what I'm doing (/ will do, once I get a job, economy permitting).

Why do economists make the best policy analysts? I'm a little jealous, I'm not going to lie.


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