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>> Tuesday, February 10, 2009

a sense of well-being seems to float me along this week. Maybe it's because it's almost my birthday, but more likely it's due to other things. It's very funny how susceptible I am to outside events, things I have little or no control over. I'm not sure if this makes me unique or not. I would guess not. Anyway, I feel much calmer about the whole job situation. The last few months have involved some low-level panic that began to escalate in the last couple of weeks and generally brought down the tone of everything in my life.
I had a talk with my former director from the summer and she was very optimistic and very willing to put me in contact with potential employers. The knowledge that I can at least find a job in Ottawa is very reassuring. This in turn has kicked me into gear on the job-hunt in Toronto (rather than just sitting about worrying and bitching about it).
I know it's mean of me to talk about how well things are going at the moment, or so April, who got in a car accident yesterday, told me. I guess the thing is just that everything is more or less the same, I just feel better.

I can't stop reading Garance Doré and her adorable blog. I had always assumed Parisian chicks were super bitchy and cold, just judging by their accents and the way they look. Perhaps Garance is just an exception but she is unendingly effusive and full of adoration for her subjects and witty comments and funny broken English. It's the best first thing I read in the morning. Not to mention the photos, which are just so pretty.


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