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>> Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Is there anything in the world more embarrassing than crying at the office? Of course there is, let's not lose perspective here. It is pretty awkward, though, especially when you're not expecting it yourself - like when the song you've been listening to all day on repeat suddenly catches you off-guard on the 17th listen and that's it. Game over. That would be me, today:

I've been getting into the treasure trove / black hole of everyone's year-end lists (double super bonus: decade-end lists this year!) and catching up on music for the year. Today I got stuck on the Antlers and I'm kind of upset about the fact that every other song on my 'to listen' list isn't THIS SONG. At the same time, realizing that the same thing could happen tomorrow with another song is probably the reason I keep listening to music and haven't given up on the whole enterprise altogether.

Oh and tonight I watched the Blind Side. I now feel the urge to dye my hair blonde and begin affecting a southern accent (not for the first time). Maybe drive a pick-up truck. Call people darlin' and baby. Whatever. If the indie rock is getting to you, you could always try some of this:

I think I actually like Tim McGraw and his well-meaning (if not quite well-placed) pop culture / political references.


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