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>> Monday, February 8, 2010

OK, I have decided to be done with punk rock and neon lights and attitude and black and leather and studs (I don’t own anything with studs, I don’t think) and all those moods and completely switch things over. Why? Because Josh Ritter has a new album coming out, and everything is about to become lovely again.
Who now? I won’t be able to communicate this properly but I’ll try. He’s a singer-songwriter. I know, that makes him sound like some guy who could be on the Grey’s Anatomy soundtrack (he isn’t). 
He’s really popular in Ireland (it's true!). I think they dig his storytelling, myth-referencing folk-pop Americana which makes him sound like Dylan but he sounds much nicer. And he is actually nice. I have met him twice because both times I saw him live he came out after the show and stayed until every person who wanted to meet him and take a photo had done so. I hear he does this every time. And when he plays he is smiling constantly and tells stories, sometimes about the songs he sings but sometimes about nothing in particular.
always smiling 
We have love songs, war songs, and silly songs (sometimes all three at once); epic folk-length ballads you could write a thesis on; and at least one or two barn stompers. 
You just have to meet this guy.


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