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>> Wednesday, February 3, 2010

It's a new year! Time for some new music. Congratulations on having kept or not kept your resolutions for one whole month! Personally, I am failing miserably on most fronts. Which is embarrassing because I wrote them down publicly! I SHOULD have written that I resolve to read music and style blogs all day and then wonder where the time went. Because then I would be a huge success.

OK, to the task at hand: introducing you to some new music. I'm not as enamoured as others of the whole beachy dreamy washed-out indie rock trend. If you feel the same way but still crave a summery pick-me-up during this dreary, wretched time of year then you should give a listen to the Drums. Their 2009 release, Summertime! is beachy like the Beach Boys and fun like 80s new wave without being too much of either. Start with "Let's Go Surfing", go from there.

No need to be glum - listen to the Drums!
Another new-ish* band I’m digging: Fanfarlo. When, oh when, will this band come to Toronto? They’ve cancelled numerous scheduled appearances here and I’m beginning to believe they don’t actually exist. They sound a little like Beirut, minus the accordion (that’s an accordion, right?). This is another band that should be more popular because they’re Arcade Fire-level palatable and sound both pretty and interesting. Their 2009 album Reservoir is solid all-around. I like "Luna", "Finish Line", "Ghosts"...etc.

An album cover. 
Also worth checking: Where publicly-funded Brits think music is going

*General rule: if Spinner or Rolling Stone has declared them ‘ones to watch’, then you are already way behind the curve. Staying hip is a full-time job. Too bad it pays for shit.


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