the cutest things I have seen this week

>> Thursday, March 4, 2010

My last post made me rageful. If it did the same to you, then I am sorry. Here are the cutest things I have seen this week! They should help.
omg what. r u serious.
teacup pigs!!!
HIMYM fans will remember these little guys from this week's episode. Just try looking into those adorable eyes and telling the little guy you'll never be together!....for now.

Back in the day, a little ol' state called Californee had a hockey team called the Golden Seals. This was their jersey:
A seal playing hockey!!! can you just imagine! it's all like 'arf arf, I don't even have hands, how do flippers hold a hockey stick!?' I guess that's why the team didn't last. But at least seals are good at sliding around on the ice. On their chubby little seal bellies! 
This is my current pick for cutest pro sports logo (hey Sportsnet! TSN! this would make a great segment - hire me!) If you think there is a cuter one than this, then I would really like to see it (no, really - I'll add it to this post!)

You know who else is awesome? My new friend Ramk Chardri. He just started a blog, and it is my third favourite thing this week! I hope you guys all get a chance to visit it and say hello! And he has a birthday coming up - the little guy is turning seven - so be sure to wish him a happy birthday!

And finally, my favourite new song this week is World Sick by Broken Social Scene, from the forthcoming Forgiveness Rock Record.


Ramk Chardri March 4, 2010 at 8:37 PM  

I'm getting a playschool bicycle.

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