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>> Friday, March 19, 2010

If the weather network is to be trusted (and it isn't), today is the last sunny day for nearly a week! So this is your official reminder, as if you needed one, to get outside and get some vitamin D.

Tomorrow night I will be checking out these two bands at Lee's Palace and I think you should, too.

Cuff the Duke (find a way to listen to 'Ballad of a Lonely Construction Worker')
Hooded Fang

It's been a few years since I saw Cuff the Duke live, but I remember them putting on an incredible, high-energy live show. I had my very own Courtney Cox moment at the Grad Club in Kingston in...2005? Towards the end of the show when everyone was exploding with energy, Wayne Petti pulled me up on stage to dance. OK, he may have pulled up a couple of others, too. But I'm pretty sure I was first. The next time we went to see them was the last night of a two-night stand at the Grad Club. It was totally sold out and we had no luck talking our way in. We were walking away, dejected, when we saw the band smoking on top of the fire escape at the back of the building (it's a converted three-storey Victorian house). We yelled up to them that we couldn't get in but we just wanted to see them play. Being the totally solid guys they are, they let us in through the fire escape and down through the crazy winding hallways and stairwells of the Grad Club (four years and I never figured them all out) into the main room. The bar staff were not impressed when they saw us later. But it was an excellent show.

I saw Hooded Fang a couple of times last year, opening for various bands, and they're also fun. I don't have any stories about them, though, sorry. I'll see what I can do tomorrow.

Bon weekend! Wish me luck 'enjoying' Lee's Palace without the benefit of a handful of 50s.


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