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I got my sister Dirty Dancing two Christmases ago (2008), and we watched it together over the break. It was then that I decided I needed two things in my life: white keds and cut-off jeans. By the time summer 2009 rolled around apparently so had everyone else. For a while I thought this was a weird coincidence. But the more I think about it (yes, this is the kind of thing I spend my time thinking about), I realize there must have been other things going on that made me decide that Baby's style was perfect for me right then. After all, I've watched that movie several times and I watched others over that Christmas break.

Influence is an interesting thing. People or events that are highly visible and draw a lot of attention can be influential, but often it's little things coming together. I realize I'm probably venturing into Tipping Point territory here (haven't read it; tried to but got bored) so I'll stop there. I just wanted to talk a little bit about one part of my life that I have found is slowly influencing others.

Just over a year ago I started taking ballet classes for no particular reason except that I wanted to try a form of dance, and it was available to me. I ended up loving it. I love that it's a discipline, an art form, and great exercise. My first teacher would always tell us bits of history every time she taught us new steps, like about how ballet evolved from fencing and that at first it was only for men. We also had a live accompanist in those classes and I loved all the music we danced to. I don't wish I'd started taking lessons when I was younger so could have advanced further. I just appreciate it now.

I've noticed that my taste has been influenced by ballet classes and the performances I've been to. Ballet is one of those things that has an automatically-associated set of characteristics: pink (there is a colour called "ballet pink"), tulle, satin, fluidity, grace, etc. I want to wear ballet colours all the time - pearls and light pinks and nudes and oyster greys. I find that I'm wearing tights every day. I hate wearing pants. Maybe it's because I feel good when I wear these things in class. Either way, it feels like a good direction.

I kind of wish it was appropriate for an adult to wear a tutu in public (I do not own a tutu - yet). I actually bought a black tulle skirt for this reason. I went with black so as to not appear like a maniac (it's a good rule - if I'm buying anything sort of outrageous, I buy it in black to tone it down).

Everyone in tutus - Spring 2011??

My song for today: Bonnie 'Prince' Billy - So Everyone. I love that this is a love song that is also slightly inappropriate. And I love that it's a waltz (I have a special place in my heart for pop songs written in 3/4 time).

Sidenote: how many cowboy items is it appropriate to wear all at once? Like, cut-offs, cowboy boots, cowboy hat, plaid shirt? Two of four? Maybe three? All four and you're officially in a costume, right?


Ramk Chardri March 25, 2010 at 11:28 AM  

Four items does constitute a costume. But don't worry, cowboys don't wear cut-offs, unless they perform YMCA on their time off.

b March 26, 2010 at 10:07 AM  

oh good. I was worried about looking ridiculous!

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