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>> Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Yesterday was the birthday of two good friends and the celebrations (such as they could be, for a Monday) were lovely. But of course birthdays and other times of celebration are also a little stressful for me right now. Last night we went out for sushi and I had edamame, seaweed salad, and asparagus wrapped in smoked salmon. I'm not sure that everything I ate was detox-friendly (there was definitely too much salt involved), but it had to be pretty close. Anyway, it's not worth stressing about when I'm supposed to be celebrating with friends.

And speaking of my amazing friends, my friend Tara has a show that opens this Thursday evening at the Paul Petro Special Projects Space (962 Queen St W). I will be there and I think you should join me!

For all the crazies out there who can't get enough of the National, check out Music Taster's Choice's videos of their show at the Bell House in NY this past weekend. New tracks premiered!

My song for today: I listened to the new T.I. track, "I'm Back", this morning.
Every new T.I. track usually makes me think the same thing: I miss the undeniable swagger of "What You Know". But this is not a duet with a catchy club sing-a-long chorus by Rihanna. T.I. is out of prison and he is pissed at someone. I'm guessing it's MTV. Imagine coming out of prison to find a world obsessed with Jersey Shore? I'd be pissed, too.


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