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>> Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Yesterday ended a lot better than my last post suggested. I headed to a spin class after work (sweating out more toxins!) and then Sarah and I headed to the Juice Box for our first shot of wheatgrass.
Wheatgrass smells like grass. It tastes like grass. It is also a little sweet. Not bad, not great. We'll call it an acquired taste. But it's supposed to be hella good for you. Also, the couple who run the store were really sweet. Apparently they've been there over 10 years! I only noticed the store last week. Shows how much I know. They also had a few detox-friendly veggie juices so I'll definitely be back to try a couple of those (and more wheatgrass!)

The whole cooking / meal-planning thing is going better. Last night I made meatballs out of ground turkey. It's kind of fun to realize that I actually know how to make things (I don't think I can overstate how infrequently I cook). I don't remember ever making meatballs on my own before. Tonight, if I have time, I'm going to make carrot soup.

Only mild headaches so far today. Fingers crossed.

Things I miss: coffee. I haven't been without it this long since I started working. Its sweet aroma drifts over my cubicle walls all day long...oh, mercy.

My song for today: Donné Roberts - Malahelo (you can download several tracks from his website).

We saw Donné Roberts at Wavelength a couple of weeks ago and it was one of those opening act pleasant surprises - he and the band are tons of fun live.

In other news: work is busy, the weather is gorgeous, and my tulips are secretly all red inside so they are turning out orange instead of yellow. I feel like I should be angered by this deception but they are still so pretty.


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