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>> Monday, April 12, 2010

I am sometimes asked about what music blogs I read. There are tons of good music blogs out there. It's about figuring out what you need in a music blog (mp3s? intros to new artists? stories, interviews, reviews, regular features?) For me, it's important to read one that's Toronto-focused (for show information). I read these two all the time - and they have links to the rest of the good ones:

I Am Fuel, You Are Friends - Heather is a great writer. I'll listen to almost anything she recommends, not because we have almost the exact same taste in music (though we do), but because she's so positive and passionate about the music she loves that you just have to listen. And you really should. Download any playlists she posts.

Chromewaves - the one blog I recommend everyone in Toronto reads. Frank keeps me up-to-date with a roundup of the day's music news, new tracks, introductions to new bands, reviews, and show / tour announcements. And he goes to like, every single show in Toronto (and takes excellent pictures). Serious nerds should also check out MBV.

I like these two because they do something slightly different:

Certain Songs. I especially like the craigslist musical dedications - funny, interesting, often creepy personal ads found on craigslist paired with an appropriate song. People are always thinking up clever but simple things like that.

I Love Country - for everyone, but especially people who say things like, "I like all kinds of music except country!" When I hear someone say that I automatically stop listening to anything they have to say about music. This blog is a good primer on the real good stuff.


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